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Garden-Related Questions Empty Garden-Related Questions

Post by Gardener on Tue Apr 26, 2016 3:21 pm

Here are questions that we recently received and answers to them:

1) When are we going to start meeting on a regular schedule, and what are those days/times again?
We will start meeting on a three-day-per-week schedule when most of the vegetables are planted, which will be sometime mid- to late May. The meeting days are Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:00am and Sundays at 11:30am. Margaret will not be there on Fridays but the work will be the same: weeding, inspecting (for diseases, pests and other problems). spraying (for disease and pests), fertilizing, pruning, and harvesting. We are lucky that the church is putting in a sprinkler system so that we will not have to water.

2) I said I could make it on Tuesdays but cannot on some weeks. Is it okay to switch days when I cannot make it?
Yes, We chose meeting days that are convenient to the largest number of members so that we have a time when we can meet as a group, but it does not mean you are required to be there. You can also go at times other than these hours on your own.

3) I am going on vacation for a month in July. Is that a problem?
No. There are no rules on how many hours everyone must work, so come when you can.

4) I have seeds that I want to plant. Can I plant them in the garden?
Unfortunately, we already decided on the garden layout based on popular vote. However, if any of our plantings fail, we may have space, so provided that your plant is something that many members will enjoy having, we can consider it. Or if you want, you can rent an additional space from the church on your own. I hear that they still have space.


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