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Post by Admin on Thu Dec 24, 2015 6:11 pm

Welcome to Yoga Michigan's 1st Community Garden in 2016.

Over the years we had many requests that we are finally doing it. The location will be at Crossroads Community Gardens (1445 Welch Rd., Walled Lake, MI 48390). It is at the back of Crossroads Presbytarian Church. Each of us will work at least once a week in the morning for a couple of hours. Days of week are to be decided. The cost to rent the plot and buy the required supplies is estimated to be around $20 per person for the season. We will work the land together and share the harvest. No experience is necessary. It will be a great learning experience for those who want to garden but do not have the time, space, knowledge or courage to do it all on their own.

You may contact us or register by writing info@yoga-michigan.com. Since it is our first attempt, we are trying to keep the size fairly small and manageable. Spaces are filling quickly, so please register as soon as possible.

We plan to officially meet in March 2016.

See you at the gardens!

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Post by Admin on Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:08 pm

We received several questions, so here are answers that may help others.

① Can we choose the day of week that we participate?
Yes. We hope to have a couple of days during the season that we all get together at the same time, but otherwise we will split into smaller groups on days that are convenient for each participant. If you cannot make it sometimes, you can simply go on another day or skip that week.

② I do not take yoga classes. Can I still participate?

③ Can I bring my children?
Husbands, wives, children and friends are welcome to visit or help out. However, harvest will be divided between members only (you are free to give your share of the harvest to your guests).

④ Are there any tools that I would have to buy?
Nice gardening gloves are recommended. If you have a pruner, scissors, trowel, shovel, pitch fork, etc., you may bring them as necessary, but you do not have to go out and buy them. Materials such as wiring and fertilizer will be included in the cost, and seeds will be provided by Yoga Michigan.

⑤ By when do I need to sign up?
Formal registration and payment are due in March, but in order to reserve an adequate number of plots for participants, we would like to have a ballpark number of participants ASAP. We will be limiting the number of participants in order to keep it to a manageable size, and we are quickly approaching the limit, so please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to hold a spot.

⑥ How many hours a week would I be expected to put in each week?
During planting and cleanup, please plan on being there for the entire morning. Otherwise, it will be 1 or 2 hours a day. We will meet at around 9 or 10am while the temperatures are still cool.

⑦ Can we choose which vegetables to grow?
We will meet around March to discuss what vegetables or flowers to grow. We will provide most of the seeds, but if you have special vegetables or flowers that you would like to include, please bring the seeds to this meeting. The plot is rented for this year only, so only annual plants can be grown.

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Post by Admin on Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:24 am

To potential community garden members.

We were hoping to have about 10 people, but as of today, we have a nice group of 17. In order to keep our first garden manageable, we will have to close the sign-ups. Sorry if you missed out.

If you want to be waitlisted, please e-mail us (info@yoga-michigan.com). With these things, there are usually a few people who drop out at the last minute. You never know.

To those of you who signed up, congratulations and welcome to the club! We will be in contact shortly by e-mail.

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Post by Jaya on Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:15 pm

Hello garden members,
Here is a summary of applicable guidelines of Crossroads Community Garden (where our plot is located). Please familiarize yourself with them.

1. Garden plots are restricted to the area marked by stakes. Gardens shall not be expanded into an adjacent plot or walkway. Adjourning plots may be connected only with
the approval of the Crossroads Community Garden Team (we plan on asking for approval to connect our 4 plots).
2. Gardeners are asked to donate at least 10% of their harvest to the Hospitality House.
3. Gardeners are encouraged but not required to work on community plots to assist in the production of food for Hospitality House.
4. Growing produce or flowers for sale is prohibited unless the entire proceeds are donated to the Hospitality House. If a gardener is found selling produce or
flowers, the plot use agreement may be immediately terminated.
5. Dogs may only be brought into the gardening area when issues of safety are a concern. If a dog is brought into the gardening area, it must be kept on a leash at
all times and any dog waste shall be removed.
6. Please respect the rights and privacy of neighbors close to your plot.
7. Gardeners are expected to bring their own tools and other equipment but some implements are available.
8. The use of chemical pesticides and herbicides is prohibited except when authorized by the Crossroads Community Garden Team because of a severe
plague of insects or disease. The Community Gardens Program will evaluate it on a case by case basis.
9. Gardeners shall not harvest produce or flowers from another plot without permission.
10. Each garden plot shall be maintained. If a plot contains grass or weed growth over 18 inches tall, you will be asked to take corrective action. If corrective action
is not taken within 5 days, privileges to garden shall be terminated.
11. Walkways between plots are to be kept clear in order to facilitate maintenance activities. Do not pile or throw mulch, weeds, rocks, or other materials into these
areas. The organic waste bins are to be used only for the disposal of unwanted organic debris. All trash must be removed from the garden site.
12. The following plants are prohibited: Trees, woody shrubs, grape vines, stinging plants, poison oak, and all plants listed on the Michigan's Invasive Plant List,
plants that may be used to produce an hallucinogenic effect.
13. By mid-November, gardens must be winterized. All dead, woody vegetation (corn, sunflower, tomato, etc.) must be removed from the garden plot and
deposited in the organic waste bin or disposed of. You may cover your garden plot with plastic or leaves to control grass and weed growth during winter and
spring, or with winter crops. Items such as plastic chairs, fertilizer bags, plastic containers, debris, and other miscellaneous items must be removed from the
garden plot by mid-November. After mid November, all such items shall be considered garbage or abandoned property and shall be removed by the
Crossroads Community Garden Team.
14. The Crossroads Presbyterian Community Garden Team shall maintain the garden fencing, and irrigation systems.


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