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7/12/2016 chores Empty 7/12/2016 chores

Post by Gardener on Tue Jul 12, 2016 6:43 pm

We had a nice work day today. We moved some flowers that were being overrun by zucchinis, worked on straightening out the tomato plants, planted lettuce for the fall, trained cucumbers to climb the trellis, and of course, pulled weeds. Disappointing news is that the deer bit off 5 of our 6 sunflower heads, and damaged some of our tomato and cucumber plants. I will see if I can bring some chicken wire to fence the tomatoes. If you have any netting or wiring that we can borrow to place around plants, please bring it. You can have it back when the season is over.

We harvested one cucumber and several more squash today. There will be more coming up soon. It would be impossible to try to divide everything equally between everyone, and some people prefer to have more of one thing and less (or none) of another, so we will use the honor system. If something is ripe, harvest as much as you need, taking into consideration that there are others. If you harvested something one week, then maybe skip a week to give others a chance to harvest it next time, unless it is something that we have in abundance (like sesame or shiso leaves) or it will go bad unless it is harvested immediately. If there is more than we can use up, we will donate it to the church on Sunday or take it over to a nearby food bank on Tuesday.

Special notes on harvesting
Green onion: Cut them about an inch above the ground without pulling them out so that they will regrow. Or if you prefer to eat the white part of the green onion, then pull them but please replant the roots back into the garden so that they will regrow for others to enjoy.

Zucchini/summer squash: If you see one that is ready, it's yours. They grow so fast that by the next group meeting, it may be too late.

We have been saving the beets for whoever has not harvested yet, but they are getting big. If you have not yet taken yours and want to, please do so ASAP. We will open it to everyone on Sunday.

Please feel free to pull the remainder of the lettuce plants up front. Watch where you step, since we planted more lettuce in front of these lettuce. Approach from between the existing lettuce plants and the okra plants, being careful not to step on the okra plants.

Several peppers are ready. If you planted them, you can harvest them first. We will open harvest to everyone this Sunday.

In general: Please be careful not to damage plants when harvesting. Use scissors (there is a pair in the bucket) to cut the fruit off, or if you use your hands, carefully snip the fruit or leaf off with your fingernail or use a twisting motion, being careful not to harm the plant).

Chores for the upcoming week:
Train the cucumber, beans and peas to climb the trellis
Prune and train the tomatoes on the trellis. Tie if needed.
Water the back right side of the garden
Spray neem oil on plants that are eaten by insects
Spray deer spray on what is left of the sunflowers, beets, cucumbers, etc.
If anyone wants to come this Friday at around 7:30am, I will be there.


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